President farmajo “we have to accept that there are common Obstacles to achieve Equitable Economic Growth “

President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo delivering on ICPD conference in Nairobi  Kenya made public  that the  Somali government has so far made significance endeavor to empower young  so as to  play a leading capacity and responsibility in the reconstruction of the country.

“we have to accept that there are common hindrance and obstacles  to achieve  equitable economic growth, the provision of available public services and opportunity for the majority of the world’s youth to live in Africa “ said by the president .The president also noted the significance increase in Somali population in recent years and voiced that the  majority  of Somalia population are youth.

President Farmajo calls urgent support to the youth so as to create equal opportunities among the increasing number of youth .without forgetting the president detailed the role of Somali women in actively participating  the peace and reconstruction of the country ,representing their  fellow women in constitutional and political arena.

The conference which will go on   till  14 of this month will reveal opportunities for youth and women on leadership role so as to empower youth in Africa.