Prime minister of Somalia calls  urgent aid amid floods and extensive rainfall in same regions

The prime minister of Somalia Hassan Ali  Kheire accompanied by South west president Abdiaziz Hassan  Mohamed who yesterday  inspected the ongoing humanitarian actions in Bardalle in Bay region calls  the humanitarian Ngos and the well-wishers to take part in helping those affected by floods as the airports are accessible. The prime ministers call came barely same weeks of high rainfall and floods that have being experienced in same regions which affected the lives of dozens   displaced thousands of  people and make those areas to be inaccessible.

Despite the aiding action under way same residents expressed their dissatisfaction on how the aid has being distributed .sharing their views to Danan radio they cited that humanitarian aid has not distributed fairly and some of the victims have being neglected

Same high profiled leaders including the  opposition coalition  are expected today to visit baladweyne to address humanitarian crisis causes by  floods in Baladweyen despite the prime minister’s  visit to baladweyne which has being anxiously expected   being suspended and intermitted.

The floods in those regions has massively affected the social amenities ,education institutions, and agriculture as baladweyne is the source of agricultural product.