President farmajo is set to meet the opposition chief sheikh sharif

The ruling party headed by president Farmajo had a series of meeting with opposition leaders ahead of two party principles meeting which is set on Wednesday. The two party principles are expected to shake hands and lower the political tensions as results of recent political instabilities.

The two sides are now appear to be trying to create a secure and  stable environment that can  bring them closer and  understand  each other on the impending  elections and resolve political discomfort  on their handshake meeting.

The opposition leaders have being tackling the government leaders on the bases of poor elections reforms and undermining the opposition parties.  This comes since the two former president  Hassan sheikh Mohamud and sheikh Sharif sheikh had being restricted and barred from taking part the controversial inauguration of juba land state president Ahmed Madobe and their visit to Baladweye  those travel restrictions sparked of formation of  strong opposition coalition  headed by sheikh Sharif .