Heavy Rainfall Destroyed IDP camps in the Somali capital Mogadishu

For last 24hrs Mogadishu which hosts a good number of IDP camps has being experiencing a heavy downpour that resulted a devastating effect on the internally displaced people in Mogadishu.Danan radio visited several camps in the capital and discovered that the camps are completely flooded and thousands of family are in dire need of shelter ,food assistance and non –food items.

While talking to Danan radio the affected people from various camps appealed the government to offer an argent aid to the   families who have no food and shelter they also called for proper drainage in same camps which has being smashed by water. since the rain begun for last 24 hrs they had sleepless nights as they told to danan reporters who paid a visit to those camps earlier on today.

This camps which are overcrowded may bring waterborne diseases if the sanitation and hygiene of those camps are not well managed. The internal displaced people in the capital Mogadishu and other regions in the country are so venerable to the devastating heavy rains