All the details: National party forum’s discussion with Villa Somalia

After month of political tension, intense criticism and influential condemnation traded by the opposition leaders and the ruling party, they yesterday get together and set to a deliberation which lasted for same hours.

The National party forum represented by the two former president sheikh Sharif and Hasan sheikh mohamud who hold a press conference after the meeting cleared out the agenda that they had agreed upon.

Ex-president who is one of the principles of national party forum who briefed the press said that the both sides resolved a number of issues including establishment of election institutions, not to politicize security agencies as well as politicians not be politically motivated, respect and observe the constitutional rights of every Somali citizen and how to combat Al Shabaab jointly.

National party forum also confirms that there will be a series of meeting underway to insure the peace and the unity of people of Somalia prevails. Their hand shake meeting is a sign of relieve for the peace loving people of Somalia which has being greatly disturbed by intense and influence incitement by the opposition leaders who more than ones declared fight against the federal government of Somalia.